Our youth program strategy, named the Youth Bike Education and Empowerment Program (YBEEP), engages youth through bicycle mechanics, advocacy, and bike riding to encourage long-term healthy development.  NBW's youth programs are organized into tiers. Youth ages 8-18 can progress from basic bike repair and riding classes through increasingly advanced opportunities that instill confidence, inspire a spirit of adventure, and build skills for future success.


Our youth programs are classified as: Entry Level, Graduate Level, Advanced, & Job Opportunities



Entry Level   ages 8-18  

Our entry level offerings are Earn-A-Bike, Ride Club, and Summer Camp.  Each program is designed to expand the horizons of youth participants in a fun and safe environment. All youth new to Neighborhood Bike Works begin with one of these programs.

Programs: Earn-A-Bike, Ride Club, Summer Camp


Graduate Level     ages 8-18

These programs keep mechanic skills fresh, build new skills, and deepen relationships.  All graduate level programs are free.

Programs: Drop In Open Shop, Monthly Group Rides/Events, Cadence Youth Cycling, Kinetic Sculpture Class, Youth Council, Youth Bike Summit, (Trailblazers program coming in fall 2017)


Advanced       ages 14-18

Our Advanced Level programs are all about leadership skills, advanced training opportunities, and job readiness. Youth are even able to earn money through some of our Advanced Level programs.

Programs: Leadership & Advanced Mechanics Course, Winter Bike Build, Bike Safety Check, Valet Bike Parking, Bike Share Ambassador


Job Opportunities     ages 14-18

Gain job experience and earn a paycheck! Youth have the chance to fill roles such a Assistant Instructor, Mechanic Apprentice, or get a job placement with local partners.

 Programs: Assistant Mechanic, Mechanic Apprentice, Job Placement with Local Partners.


button signupClick the "Sign up" button to download an application for our entry level programs. To enroll in a Graduate or Advanced Level program, get in touch with one of our instructors directly. We'll follow up with you with you (by phone) within 5 business days of when you return this applications to NBW.



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Youth Job Boards & Resources 

We've created a resource for youth to find jobs, internships, and other personal development opportunities. Click the link above!

July 2017 Adult Bike Repair Class @ NBW

Our monthly Adult Repair Class covers basic bike repair and maintenance. The class meets four Mondays in a row and registration is open!