Here's how you can support our work:archery

donate-timeDonate TimeThere are many ways to volunteer with NBW. Join us for one-time events like Bicycle Safety Checks or ongoing volunteering with youth classes or our Bike Church program.

in-kind-givingGive Bikes/Gear. Bikes are at the core of NBW. Without them, we couldn't run any of our programs or explore the City on two-wheels.

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Shop with NBW. All of the bikes, parts, and accessories we sell in our Community Bike Shop & Bike Church support our programs. Plus, customers always get a great deal.


money circular symbolMake a Cash Donation. We can't pay our landlords in bike parts, brownies, or karma points. They take cash, along with most of the people we partner with to bring our programs to life.

Even More Ways to Give:

Workplace Giving: Many businesses offer their employees a convenient way to donate to a nonprofit of their choice through tax-deductible donations taken directly from an employees' paycheck. Some businesses will even double your impact by matching gifts of their employees to eligible nonprofits like Neighborhood Bike Works. Ask your Human Resources department if your employer has a workplace giving program!

NBW's United Way Donor Choice Number is: #14084

Donate through our Amazon Wishlist: We've developed an Amazon wishlist for our recently launched "Books for Hours" program. This program aims to engage youth in reading to promote their self-awareness, awareness of African American history, critical thinking, and to encourage expression, including weighing in on real issues they see and experience. Through the "Books for Hours" program youth can read books from our bookshelf, discuss them with NBW staff or their peers, and earn points towards their next bike or bike accessory. Most books on the shelf share stories of African American history and culture - stories largely unrecognized or misrepresented in our books and reading lists. Support NBW youth in reading these important stories by donating a book on our Library Wishlist.

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds:

We accept these gifts through TD Ameritrade (DTC # 0188)

Tax ID: 23-3012779

For questions or to inform NBW about your gift, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (215) 386-0316 x 118


Your Generosity Makes a Difference:
The generosity of our supporters has enabled thousands of youth to find their voice, build professional skills, and create healthy habits. People who have given their time have mentored youth and offered counsel and enthusiasm to NBW staff and fellow volunteers. People who have given bikes and gear have offered the literal foundational material of our programs, allowing us to focus on how to offer meaningful experiences to NBW youth and community members. People who have opened their wallets have offered us a chance to reach for new opportunities and wholly invest in our work and this vibrant community.

Thanks for all you have offered, and for what you continue to give.

Help NBW sustain, grow, and diversify the cycling community!